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The Creative Flow: Where Everything is Connected, And Light And Dark Become Indistinguishable

WARNING: I address a serious topic in this post, so, if you’re looking for something light and cheery, maybe check out this post instead. Sorry, not everything on this blog can be cute and playful. I want there to be … Continue reading

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Pick(s) of the Litter: Photorealists

Welcome back to Scumbling Up Art. Sorry for taking so long to put up a new post, guys. My computer is old and burns out easily, I have close to a dozen new posts and projects I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

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Today’s Pick of the Litter Hates His Art Piece!

What does it mean when one critic loves a work of art but another loathes it? Is the piece successful because it produces an adrenaline rush of emotion regardless of the viewer’s opinion? No doubt the stakes are raised when … Continue reading

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