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Pick(s) of the Litter: Photorealists

Welcome back to Scumbling Up Art. Sorry for taking so long to put up a new post, guys. My computer is old and burns out easily, I have close to a dozen new posts and projects I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

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Scary talented: the story behind the story behind the art

Warning: Here’s a cautionary tale about an artist with exquisite talent and endless potential. This is a true story. He was a charismatic man. But he would only allow HIS voice to be heard, HIS story to be history. According to … Continue reading

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Just a pup: today’s Pick of the Litter

I’m usually bitter and jealous towards  those dang prodigy kids. Sometimes you see them on Jeopardy: They know  Aristotle’s Rhetoric better than a kindergartner knows the ABCs, yet you trump them on questions regarding pop culture, literature and video games. … Continue reading

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Have you ever made anything from Popsicle sticks? You could be the next sculpting virtuoso. Or maybe even the next Matt Groening! If you’re a true artist, you can use whatever’s available and create something from it. As the character Mark … Continue reading

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