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Chewing The Fat: Self Image’s Heavy Impact

(This story is also featured on LinkedIn:   A year ago, I succumbed to the Gym Dragon. Roughly three times a week, I pay my tithes by working out for an hour or two, lifting weights and riding a … Continue reading

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Art Critique: The Bear Video

Welcome back to Katie’s Critique Corner. Today I am putting the video I made to promote the CURE Childhood Cancer Association‘s upcoming 5K Run & Fun Walk under the microscope for analysis. While poring over the details of this project, … Continue reading

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CURE Bear Necessities

Let’s face it: I’m a rare breed to come up with ideas like these. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for debate. CURE 5K Bear Video from Katie Gill on Vimeo. Best video I’ve done yet? Perhaps, … Continue reading

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Scumbling With Another

Hey, everyone. Just want to drop in and let you know that, since I have been having a lot of thoughts and ideas that expand well beyond the outer limits of anything vaguely relating to the arts, I have started … Continue reading

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Video Update

A quick update about things to come and what has been going on behind the scenes. Sorry about the subpar lighting and delightful cover image. That’s what I get for recording on my phone after dark and having my computer … Continue reading

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Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Full disclosure: I am a Tina Fey fan. I will watch anything she is in, and read as much of what she has written as I can get my hands on. Furthermore, I studied journalism in college, so it was … Continue reading

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A Precision View of the Past

With age comes wisdom, and a 6 year span can feel like two lifetimes. The other day, I was thinking: if I could go back in time, what would I do differently? What events or mistakes would I warn my … Continue reading

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