I’ve been an art enthusiast since I was old enough to draw on walls — back before washable crayons were a thing. I dabble in all media, though I predominately write and draw. Here’s my professional website if you want to learn more about that: https://kathleenmgill.wordpress.com/.

Katie with her cat, Gracie, who clearly wants to stay still for the picture.

Katie with her cat, Gracie, who clearly wants to stay still for the picture.

I started this blog in 2009 for a college class, and recently rebooted it because I missed it. I created this blog to inform the general public and art geeks alike about some artists whose work I consider worth taking a look at. These are artists who, for one reason or another, you may not normally study in a classroom. I’m also throwing my own works in the mix, if only to keep myself on track with my myriad of projects and to keep my critical eye engaged and ever evolving.

I believe art skills can be learned, as can the doggedness needed to succeed in the arts. Art is an outlet, it’s a way to share ideas and passions, to spread insights and express inner turmoil without so much as uttering a single word.

Art is enriching. Whether creating something or looking at someone else’s work, art is an experience that alters you a bit with every encounter. Art should be for everyone and by everyone, so check out my blog and we can share each other’s perceptions and expressions of reality.

2 Responses to About

  1. Russell Parry says:

    I’ve just found your site. My teenage son directed me to your blog on Hitler’s the artist, and I kept reading! Web content intended for ‘creative types’ (Caution: quotes contain both scepticism and bile) is so liberally strewn with bullshit that it was refreshing to come across your blog. So much inspiration, open-mindedness and common sense. Coherent (even elegant) text and good grammar are also much appreciated by the slightly sad, anal editor that somehow cohabits with my creative self. I’ll break the habit of a lifetime and keep up with your blogging.

    • kt20 says:

      Fantastic! Thank you. It’s funny: I actually wasn’t sure if I would keep going with this blog, seeing as it was only for a class assignment. But now I’m seriously considering coming back from my hiatus. Thanks again for your appreciation and feedback. All the best.

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